Acne Treatments

aknetreatmentsAcne Treatments

Teenage and Adult Acne are common skyn conditions. Acne develops when oil, dead skyn cells & bacteria get trapped in the skyn’s pores, causing them to be inflamed. Actual breakouts can differ from person to person as well as the location and severity of the Acne. Common locations of Acne are the Face, Shoulders, Neck, and Back. At SKYNgenuity, we can determine the best course of treatment for your Acne. So call us today for a FREE  consultation with one of our Skyn Team Members and let us help you bring back your confidence and radiant skyn!

Acne Scar Treatment

At SKYNgenuity we will customize a treatment plan that will help with your individual skyn issues caused by acne scars.  We can offer treatments such as chemical peel and laser treatment to help your face become smoother as we repair and heal your damaged skyn is replaced with healthier and smoother tissue.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels is a treatment that can give anyone’s skyn a fresh look.  Chemical peels are a way to make your skyn look healthier and more vibrant.  A chemical peel removes damaged skyn layers, causing damaged skyn to shed.  Chemical peels are often used by those who suffer from acne scars, as well as other skyn issues such as scars and sun damage.

Laser Treatments

When treated with certain lasers, the skyn responds to pulses of light a thousand times in each tiny spot of the treated skyn.  This laser treatment inspires the body to create its own natural healing from the laser, and as a result of the healing, scarred syin is healed in the process.  Part of the healing process with laser treatments includes collagen growth, as well as the regeneration of skyn cells.  Laser treatments are often used for acne scars, as well as scars, birthmarks, and even enlarged pores.

Kenalog Injections

If you suffer from cystic acne Kenalog Injections might be right for you. Kenalog is a low-dose steriod that is injected directly into a cyst (localized treatment which does not go sytemic) to decrease the inflammation of the cyst. This treatment usually works within 24 – 48 hours after treatment. 

Other Skyn Acne Treatments 

There are other skyn treatments available that offer different levels of success when dealing with acne scars.  SKYNgenuity will help you determine the best solution to treat acne and acne scaring.

 Come in and let a team member at Skyngenuity assess and customize a treatment plan that fits all of your skincare needs.