Anti-Aging Treatments



SKYNgenuity Medical Grade Facials

customfacialIncludes a double cleansing facial massage with stream, a medium-light peel (depending on facial chosen and/or skyn) and two customized healing masks.

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Customized Prescription Strength Peels

Peels come in a variety of types and strengths, which allows us to tailor each treatment. Peels are the number one treatment to change the structure of your skyn. They help increase collagen production, reduce fine lines, brown spots, and treat acne. At SKYNgenuity, we offer a wide variety of chemical peels including prescription grade chemical peels. This enables us to tailor your treatment plan each time you return for a treatment. 

Laser Treatments

When treated with certain lasers, the skyn responds to pulses of light, increased heat, radio frequency, and/or fractionated technology.  These laser treatments promote the bodies own natural healing resulting in an increase of collagen growth, as well as the regeneration of skyn cells. 



Skyn Treatment Tips

  • Avoid UV exposure. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays is thought to be a major culprit for rapidly aging skyn. Sun damages your skyn and causes a loss of collagen, which can lead to sagging skyn and wrinkles. If you’re the outdoorsy type, remember to keep your skyn as healthy and young-looking as possible.
  • Eat omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, tuna, walnuts and flaxseed will help protect your top layer of skyn and keep moisture in. Omega-3s also prevent inflammation and help maintain cell structure and function.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help prevent your skyn from becoming overly dry.