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Diane R.

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I recently visited Dr. Gil for injectables specifically PDO and Voluma.  I live out of town and found my way to Dr. Gil via google searches for health care professionals that specialize in PDO and have been using this particular therapy for a significant length of time.  Dr. Gil was at the top of that list since she has been doing PDO for almost twice as long as many of the doctors around the country.  I later found out that her training in this product is extensive which is critical because PDO, if done incorrectly, can have disasterous results.  I am a skincare guru I travel the world and I have had facials, fillers, Botox in many different cities including Cleveland, OH which is where I reside.  

My face had become somewhat “lumpy” and uneven after years of poorly placed Juvaderm and other fillers – I was looking for help and to try PDO.  I was discouraged to try them by my own derm in Cleveland who had no experience with it.  I was a bit nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect with PDO and with a new Dr.  

There is no one better than Dr Gil. Period.  It is critical that the health care professional be an expert in injectables with significant training to get optimal results.  This is Dr. Gil.  She is an artist and a wealth of knowledge.  She took the time to properly educate me on fillers and PDO and it was clear that my own doctors in Cleveland were not using fillers correctly – at all.  Furthermore, most of the information she provided was valuable insight about the product and its uses which had never been discussed with me most likely due to lack of knowledge by past practitioners and just plan not willing to share information that will give someone the ability to truly understand what he/she is buying.

I had previously used a nurse practitioner for these therapies and it was my experience then, as it now  (and even more so) that the success and optimal outcome for any of these products is frequency of injecting and volume of patients it is that simple!  Dr. Gil is the tops when it comes to this critical experience.

Overall Dr. Gil is the best professional for these therapies, has fixed my face (for real!) and was a rockstar in PDO placement.  I love the results, I look great and completely natural.  No more crazy lumps and asymmetries.  I am sold on her practice and will now on travel to this office for all of my injectables.  There is no one better and I have the ability to go wherever I need to for these products.

I totally disagree with the bad reviews the Office was completely accommodating and extremely flexible with my travel arrangements.  

To the patient that complained about a missed appointment fee:  if you can not afford to pay a missed appointment fee (which is standard practice). You can NOT afford fillers.  Of any kind.  That is total nonsense and has nothing to do with the Dr. Gil’s skill and ability – which is TOPS in the business and very affordable!  Which is a giant plus for New York City.

Bottom line:  you can keep searching or cut to the chase and go to Dr. Gil one of the best around.  Run, don’t walk, to Dr. Gil.  If you are on your way to her office you are smart and will not be disappointed.

If I could give her 10 stars I would.